Automates end-to-end manual processes

Moonshot Technologies Roboworx offers improved business efficiency and effectiveness by emulating human actions, and automating them, without making changes to the underlying systems and processes. The robotic process automation (RPA) solution automates end-to-end manual processes focusing on repetitive, rules-based transactional processes. Without any human intervention the solution replicates the entire process stepwise across all software applications be it emails, spreadsheets, or ERP. It uses the same user interface as a human user hence it need not be integrated with any of the existing systems. This means moving to RPA does not require a change in business applications used across the enterprise.
  • System Interfacing
  • MS Office Integration
  • File/Folder Management
  • Workflow
  • Email Management
  • Centralized Monitoring Dashboard
  • Job/Task Scheduler
  • User Activity Tracker
  • Exception Management
  • Rule Engine
  • Screen Capture
  • Email Classification/Extraction
Optimizes Process
Improves Consistency
Eliminates Human Error
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